Things to Remember to Bring for Your Wine Tour

Things to Remember to Bring for Your Wine Tour

We always recommend to bring a sweater on your Okanagan wine tour! The Okanagan is known for a nighttime breeze in the spring and fall.

Pack casual, comfortable footwear, since you’ll be doing plenty of walking after a glass or two.

Despite the cold winter months and chilly evenings, the Okanagan is a gorgeous county with rays of sunshine. Make sure to pack your favorite pair of shades for your next Okanagan Wine Tour. When walking through beautiful vineyards you don’t want to be squinting, so a stylish pair of sunglasses is key.

Vacation and memories go hand in hand. You can’t come to the Okanagan without a camera! Take pictures of beautiful landscapes, full (or empty) glasses of wine, and all the great things an Okanagan Wine Tour has to offer.

Don’t forget your sunhat, umbrella/raincoat during winter and spring, bug repellant sun block during spring and summer.

Wine Storage
Get an empty box for wine. Grab one at your local wine store, or think about buying a Styrofoam wine carrier from the shipping store. Trust us on this. You are going to start buying bottles of wine that will rattle around in your car unless you’ve brought a box. Or Wine Bottle Protector: Wine-shaped bubble wrap to protect your bottles, even when they’re in your suitcase.

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